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The CFO Bookkeeper

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

What is a CFO Bookkeeper? A Chief Financial Officer is the key financial executive in a company. Rather than hire an in-house CFO, more and more companies are gaining higher level services through CFO Bookkeepers. Here is a description of some of the world-class services provided by the CFO Bookkeeper in addition to the management of the company's accounting software.


All financials are audit ready. Financial entries in the accounting software are expertly categorized, and confirmed at month end for accuracy. Receipts are stored within system for easy reference, and all numbers are double balanced for complete accuracy.


All critical company information is stored in the company's chosen cloud storage, maintained by the CFO, and includes much more than financial reports. The legal agreement forming the company, any promissory notes, loans, stock agreements, employment agreements, insurance coverage documents, and much more, are all methodically stored for top of the line organization. This is beneficial for audits, mergers and acquisitions, insurance claims, owner convenience, and many other areas as well.


A CFO Bookkeeper will not simply produce a Profit/Loss Report and Balance Report each month and forward onto the owner, and call it good. Based on the needs and niche of the business, there are various reports that the owner will find helpful to maximize profits, manage cash flow and reduce expenses.


Every company has its own particular needs for internal controls, depending on payment methods, how often cash is received, vaults utilized for safekeeping, and more. The CFO Bookkeeper reviews processes with both management and the personnel involved to learn exactly how these matters are currently handled, and presents recommendations to the CEO for the protection of both the company (to avoid theft) and its employees (to know exactly what they can do to protect themselves from any appearance of wrongdoing).

CEOs know the great value a CFO brings to a company. The CFO Bookkeeper is able to manage the accounting software and add value in many critical areas for company. Contact us to learn more about these services.

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